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Exit Companion


About the Assignment

Exit Companions are the eyes, ears, and heart of Rescue America when a survivor’s exit is prolonged because they need to stay in a hotel for a few nights, complete a SANE exam or are waiting for a bus or plane. You show love and care to the Survivor, making sure basic needs are being met, while also collecting important information about how the survivor is doing. After each visit there will be a simple form to complete to pass on key data to our team. Similar to the Exit Team, this is an on call/as needed role. This is a female only volunteer role.

What to Expect

After the survivor has exited and is settled into their hotel a Rescue America team member will send a text requesting an Exit Companion. The Exit Companion request will list the hotel location, time frame needed, and if any basic necessities or meal is requested. If you are available, you'll accept the request, and if chosen, a Rescue America team member will coordinate further details with you. * 20-30 minute meet up required

Must Have

  • Experience volunteering within Rescue America
  • Patience
  • Loving and flexible attitude
  • Non-judgmental attitude

Application Process

  1. Complete an Application Form: This includes signing a waiver of liability, a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement and a statement of faith.
  2. Complete a Background Check: Once all steps have been completed, you'll receive a message from us regarding your volunteer status. Rescue America reserves the right to accept or deny potential volunteers based on the current needs and requirements within the organization.
  3. Volunteer Interview: One of the Rescue America team members will contact you to review your application and to discuss your suitability to join our volunteer team.
  4. Attend a Two Hour Training Session: Training may be in person or virtual.


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