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noun: the act of helping someone out of a dangerous or distressing situation

verb: to keep from being lost or abandoned

  • synonyms: retrieve, recover, get back, preserve, pick up, gather, scoop up

verb: to free from confinement, danger, or evil

  • synonyms: save from destruction, liberate, get someone out, extricate, emancipate, deliver, relieve, come to the aid of, bail someone out, turn threatened defeat into victory

Our Mission

Volunteer Opportunities

Rescue Your City!

Rescue America’s hotline network has unlimited growth capacity and is only dependent upon two things: volunteer “boots on the ground” and funding the cost of coordinating rescues!

Local hotline support for your city will include a nationally-connected Exit Strategist team and a local Mobilization Manager who will empower volunteers to provide local hotline distribution and safe transport for survivors. Along with our emergency assessment program, we have a vast partner network of emergency shelters and service providers to support each exit.

Contact us for more information and the first steps in coming to your city!