24/7 Hotline: 713-322-8000



1: Phone Bank

Phone Bank
Join a group of women and men who call sex ads online and offer a message of hope and a way out through our 24/7 local hotline.

2: Hotline Advocates

Hotline Advocates
Respond to our 24/7 hotline and be the voice of peace that answers when victims stir up the courage to make the call and exit the life.

3: Exit Team

Exit Team
Exit team members provide prompt, secure pickup and transportation to a emergency assessment safe home shelter as directed by a Rescue America exit strategist.

4: Restoration Drivers

Restoration Drivers
Restoration Drivers are a safe, caring, compassionate transporter for our Survivors to feel protected and safe as they commute to their emergency assessment program appointments.

5: New Life Mentors

New Life Mentors
New life mentors lovingly walk alongside survivors throughout their new life journey—being role models, and friends to survivors of sexual exploitation.