Our 24/7 Hotlines



Rescue America is able to reach out to thousands of victims of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation each year because of our passionate and dedicated volunteers. At Rescue America, our why is simple. Love. Untwisted, pure love for those trapped in sexual bondage is what motivates every policy, program, and service we provide. Love is why we will always answer the phone, plan an exit, and journey with each client through their continued care placement, no matter how many times she or he calls our 24/7 hotline. If compassion for the enslaved has ignited a fire in your spirit, take our hand to bring hope and freedom to those trapped in the darkness.

1: Phone Bank

Phone Bank

Join a group of women and men who call sex ads online and offer a message of hope and a way out through our 24/7 local hotline. These interpersonal exchanges have proven to be one of the most educational, profound, and impactful services, both for the volunteer and the victims they are calling.

2: Hotline Advocates

Hotline Advocates

Respond to our 24/7 hotline and be the voice of peace that answers when victims stir up the courage to make the call and exit the life. We conveniently forward hotline calls to your cell phone so that victims have immediate response and rescue available to them at any time, day or night.

3: Exit Team

Exit Team

Members of the exit team are the cavalry, and first “faces” of Rescue America a survivor encounters after calling the hotline. You will work with a member of the opposite sex, providing prompt, secure pickup and transportation to an assessment center or transitional safe home shelter coordinated and directed by a Rescue America Exit Strategist.

4: Restoration Drivers

Restoration Drivers

Restoration Drivers provide survivors in our Emergency Assessment Program with transportation to therapeutic appointments. Whether you can provide transport for one appointment or a full day of appointments each week, your service will dramatically support each survivor's healing.

5: New Life Mentors

New Life Mentors

New life mentors lovingly walk alongside survivors throughout their new life journey—being role models, and friends to survivors of sexual exploitation. Mentors also continue to stay connected to their mentee throughout their continued care placement and journey into new life.