Our 24/7 Hotlines
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1: Respond

Each time our 24/7 hotline rings, Hotline Advocates respond immediately and begin gathering the information needed to facilitate a survivor exit or resource the caller.

2: Rescue

Should the caller be ready to exit the life, our on-call exit strategist is notified, starting the exit process by locating a bed in one of our partner shelters and deploying a trained exit team providing transportation to and from secure locations.


Once the survivor arrives at the partner shelter, the outstanding physiological needs are addressed first—food, water, and sleep. Then our licensed professional therapists start the administration of assessments to treat behavioral challenges and DSM-V diagnoses common to victims of sex trafficking such as PTSD, depression, anxiety, bipolar and dissociative identity disorder.


Formally, stabilization is the result of our 60-day emergency assessment program which includes the provision of shelter through partner shelters and 60-days of holistic therapy healing that addresses the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of the survivor.


As clients approach the completion of our program, we coordinate the continuation of their healing journey which can be a specific long-term trafficking safe home located anywhere throughout the country, independent living with case management and wrap around resources, or connection and reintegration to their family and home life.

Our Process