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Restoration Driver


About the Assignment

Restoration Drivers provide survivors in our Emergency Assessment Program with transportation to therapeutic appointments. Whether you can provide transport for one appointment or a full day of appointments each week, your service will dramatically support each survivor's healing by being a healthy person to connect with and providing a safe and welcoming environment while helping to reallocate transportation costs to other program needs. This is a female only role.

What to Expect

Restoration Drivers are needed to provide transportation Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. through 6 pm. You have the flexibility to choose whichever day and time works best with your time schedule. You can choose as many assignments as you like. You can also specify if you are available to transport a Survivor one way or to and from the destination. Appointments will be shared with you for your consideration at least three days in advance.

Must Have

  • Clean, reliable vehicle
  • Fully-charged smart phone with data plan
  • A loving heart for all people
  • Clean driving record

Application Process

1: Complete an application form

This includes signing a waiver of liability, a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement and a statement of faith.

2: Provide proof of current drivers license and vehicle insurance

3: Complete a background check

Once all steps have been completed, you'll receive a message from us regarding your volunteer status. Rescue America reserves the right to accept or deny potential volunteers based on the current needs and requirements within the organization. Thank you!

4: Volunteer Interview

One of the Rescue America team will contact you to go over your application and to discuss your suitability to join our volunteer team.

5: Attend a two hour orientation training session

This may happen in person or virtual depending on the time.


Ready to join our volunteer team? Start the process by applying now!

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