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Rescue America was set in motion with the discovery that millions of women, children, and men are sexually enslaved in the world today, with thousands located right here in the U.S. As we grew more aware of the complex issue of sex trafficking, we asked the question that you may have asked yourself, “Where do we even begin?” After seventeen months of extensive research, it was confirmed there was a gaping hole in the anti-sex trafficking landscape of much of America. Simply stated, there was a need to separate victims from victimizers and set them safely on a path of healing and restoration.

We know our role in anti-trafficking landscape and recognize that it takes each one of us working side by side to free those in bondage and abolish sex slavery in America. Please join us today as a strategic partner, volunteer or financial partner to provide immediate rescue and stabilization to victims of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Our Mission

Rescue Denver empowers the sexually exploited
to exit the life via a 24/7 hotline and
emergency assessment program.

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