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New Life

As I stepped out in faith and accepted my first RAEA Program Survivor on April 1st (April Fools day) I remember thinking to myself,...
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Living Loved

Regan Huey
My story starts with my own perception of self-worth. Despite growing up in a loving home, I struggled with feeling unlovable...
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Her Name. Her Identity.

“How do you feel about this?”This is the question my wife and I have been asked numerous times over the last couple of months. Our oldest...
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The Hotline Explodes with Calls

Martinez, Taylor
Rescue Houston runs a 24/7 hotline for victims to call when they are ready to exit out of the life of trafficking and exploitation. When...
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What I Learned in My First 10 Days

As I recount the many blessings I’ve experienced in the beginning of my new journey as the Emergency Assessment Program Director with Rescue...
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