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Sonja's Escape

Taylor W.
It was 2:00 am and I was leaving Ben Taub Hospital filled with peace and hope and in awe of the Lord’s deliverance. It’s the second hospital I’d...
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Top 3 Ways an Occupational Therapist Helps

Angela K.
Take a moment to reflect upon your daily routine. It may start with waking up in morning, getting dressed, eating breakfast,...
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Self Care is Not Selfish

Taylor M.
When I became an Exit Strategist, I was told that self-care was extremely important. Loved ones close to me were very concerned...
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2018 Strategic Initiatives

The flow of our team at Rescue Houston has only increased in strength and speed since the beginning of 2018. We’ve adjusted quite well to our...
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A Look Back – 2018

At the end of 2017, and as we entered 2018, I kept hearing Isaiah 43:18-19—God is doing a new thing, and we can certainly say with...In July, we launched the Rescue Houston Community Board with 35 individuals who contribute their influence,...
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