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What I Learned in My First 10 Days

As I recount the many blessings I’ve experienced in the beginning of my new journey as the Emergency Assessment Program Director with Rescue Houston, I find myself in great awe of all that transpired in my first 10 days! In this short timeframe, I have learned many, very valuable lessons, received great insight, had my faith stretched, been humbled, prayed many tear-filled prayers and spent many moments praising Jesus. 

My Rescue Houston Team welcomed me warmly with big hearts. The degree to which, and tremendous joy with which they faithfully and diligently serve, and the compassion this team has for the women and children who enter into the Emergency Assessment Program are remarkable to say the least. And I must say that it is difficult to identify if a person serving is on staff or a volunteer because of the excellence in the way they serve! This is certainly attributed to the great leadership from both our Founder, Allison Madrigal, and Vice President, Tiffany Pardue. They truly lead by example and pour grace-filled wisdom into any and every opportunity they can to cultivate the culture of honor and worth in our working environment.

The Emergency Assessment Program that I am so honored to be directing, is brilliantly and holistically designed by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. I was so honored to see the efficacy of the 60-day program in my first ten days when I observed and assisted in an exit interview of one of our participants upon completion of her program. Exit interviews are a special and monumental moment for Survivors as well as for our team. At the conclusion of a client’s 60 days we meet to gather feedback — the highs as well as the lows, and measure the success of the services delivered by our professional partners who also participated in her healing journey. 

What I heard and witnessed in my spirit was beyond AMAZING! I strongly believe the Lord allowed me to be in the two exit interviews to provoke me to fervent prayer for the successful completion for every woman who enters the program. Both Survivors who were interviewed spoke very highly about the services and providers who have supported their healing: their Spiritual Exchange facilitators, occupational therapy, Licensed Professional Counseling, group and individual therapy, Survivor-led Support Group, case management, and their New Look experience through Sola Salon. From what I gathered from their personal histories prior to entering, their time in our program was truly life-changing. 

From their own accounts, they were plucked out of darkness into the wonderful light in Christ! They had a special glow in their eyes and on their countenance. The joyful expression permeated each topic as they glorified God for the hope and healing they’d found. I cried tears of compassion as each woman recounted her traumatic experiences while in “the life”, and then tears of joy as I heard each one share how her heart became connected to the One who loves and is truly there for her through it all. 

In less than 60 days, both had learned to hear from and trust our Heavenly Father. In both of their interviews, it was clear their restored relationship with God was the greatest blessing they received. 

Entirely unprompted, each one freely shared her renewed hope and freedom in Jesus Christ! This ministered to me in profound ways. I am humbled to know without a shadow of doubt that I have been beautifully interwoven into the fabric of this program for such a time as this! I have great confidence in my God, that He will carry us to higher heights and deepen our understanding to serve and love like He loves because of what He so graciously showed me in my first 10 days. I thank the Lord for the great miracles He has done and absolutely believe He will continue to do at Rescue Houston.