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This is Worth It, She is Worth It

I told myself that I would try one more time. My prayer was something like “Okay Lord....I will open my heart to mentor one more time. All I ask is for her to be kind to me and not cuss me out. I was hurt from the last lady I mentored. You don’t realize how much these ladies have been through until all their anger is released onto you. I remember laying on my couch crying wondering how someone can be so mean.

I bought her flowers and drove to the shelter praying like I have never prayed before. I kept saying, “Lord guard my heart take my fears away.” I got to the shelter and parked in the front. I was so nervous like I was on a blind date, anxious every time I saw a lady walk out the front doors. Is that her? No... it’s not.” Then she walked out and waved at me. 

All I could do is smile....”okay here we go Lord.” She got into my car and said apologized she took so long! When I heard her voice all my fears went away. We went to her doctor’s appointment and that’s where our relationship started. A few days a week I would pick her up and would spend time together talking and laughing. Then one day we were getting our nails done and she randomly brought up the most tragic event that happen to her while she was in the Life

She explained why she cut her hair and her reasons for not wanting men to look at her anymore. I was trying to wrap my head around everything she just told me without bursting out in tears. I know everyone in that salon was staring at us yet for the first time I didn’t care. I felt like it was only the two of us and she was finally starting to trust me. 

Later, she had to change shelters due to some trouble. Looking back at that day all the signs were there but I was blind to them. Her pimp reached out to her and talked her into seeing him one last time. When I dropped her off at the new shelter she seemed a little bothered. After dropping her off I went to dinner with a good friend of mine. During dinner, I got the most disturbing phone call ever; it was her crying and she sounded out of breath. “I need you Taylor I’m on the side of the road.”

I ran out of the restaurant and went to her as fast as I could. We ended up at LBJ hospital for 7 hours. She could have died that night but I truly believe God was with her. She told me his eyes were evil. He wasn’t the same. I told her she was different and no longer sees him the way she used to.

Event after event she fought to keep going forward. She told me, “I was in the Life for 9 years. What is one year to get my life back?” I would speak into her life and tell her, “Your testimony is going to bring so many women hope and freedom. You have no idea how special you are friend.” 

The time came and she needed to find a long-term home or transition home. She ended up in Dallas. I will never forget the day she called me and said “Taylor I have to tell you something. I GOT A JOB!!! A REAL JOB!!!” I started to cry. Yes Jesus! Yes! She told me all about it and how nervous she was. “What if I can’t do it? What if I get fired?” I laughed and said “That is what you call life… you will get laid off… fired… but you know what? You get back up and try again. I have full faith you can do this job and do it well! So, for now let’s celebrate you GOT A JOB GIRL!!!!” 

Her birthday is in December, so I decided to take a trip to Dallas this past year and surprise her. I walked into her job with 10 balloons, “Happy Birthday” splashed on every single one. I know it was probably embarrassing but I didn’t care! I sat down and watched her work. She was in her zone and I started to cry. My GOD, “Look what you have healed and renewed. She is beautiful!She finally was able to leave and I ran up to her and said “I am SO PROUD OF YOU!” She said “Thank you! I couldn’t have done this without you!” That was such a sweet visit. We went to dinner and she was able to pick out her birthday gift. I left Dallas with my heart so filled and thankful for everything God has done in her life.  

Her story is still not over and her testimony is so powerful. I pray for the Lord to direct her path and guide her during the hard days. 

Yet God has made everything beautiful for its own time. He has planted eternity in the human heart, but even so, people cannot see the whole scope of God’s work from beginning to end.

Ecclesiastes 3:11