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Deeper Things of a Robot Sex Brothel

Posted October 9th, 2018

In the last weeks the “Sex Robot Brothel” has made Houston and national media headlines. KinkySdollS, a Canadian company, was planning to open the first Sex Robot Brothel in the U.S., here in Houston. However, our City Council quickly jumped to action and amended city ordinances on Wednesday, October 3rd, precluding this type of business from operating in our city. Thank you, City Council members, for representing Houston and leading the nation well. As an article in USA Today stated, ‘We are not Sin City’. For that, and for so much more that we are, I am thankful.

Since awareness of this sex robot brothel has infiltrated the community, I have heard many conversations, opinions, and questions surrounding the idea of this business and others of its type. It has stirred people to ask “Where is the line?”, and “What is ok and not ok?”. I propose these are perhaps the wrong questions to ask. The real question one must ponder is “what is God’s original design for sex?” and “what is sexual wholeness?”. After all, God is the creator of sex, and we know that everything God creates is good.

Most people, no matter their faith, can agree that there are good and evil forces at play in this world. If God created sex and it is good, how could an evil force turn sex into something bad? John 10:10 tells us there is an enemy who comes to kill, steal, and destroy. This enemy has taken the good thing and perverted it—altered it from its original course to a corrupted state, creating sexual opportunities that seem good and fulfilling to men and women, and robbing them of physical, psychological, spiritual, and relational wellness and wholeness that are available in God’s gift of sex.

Working in the anti-trafficking landscape, I hear a lot of judgements and criticisms about the buyers of sex, and now sex robots. However, to see true change on the anti-trafficking landscape, we must perceive and encounter these buyers through the eyes and heart of Jesus. Most have deep places of brokenness and histories of abuse themselves. Desperate to alleviate their own brokenness, sex—even simulated sex—is a drug many turn to in order to numb the pain, excite the senses, and/or fill the void they carry deep within. But we’re the created, not the Creator, and the thing about that is, we don’t get to bypass our nature. We’re hardwired such that the pleasure of any form of sex outside its intended purpose of fortifying true intimacy is short-lived.

So how do we respond to brokenness that leads one to seek relief and release without that lasting connection that we’re all made for? Love is our greatest strategy and sure victory—you can’t stand in judgement if you love. By creating space for broken people to receive love apart from judgement and condemnation, we create space for healing and freedom.

We must love those in sexual bondage and stand on the truth that God has a redemptive solution for all, even the sex buyers. If you or a loved one is struggling with sexual addiction, there is HOPE! Our friends at Free Indeed Ministries have a 90% success rate bringing complete freedom to those trapped in sexual addiction. If you are someone who wants to defend love by becoming an advocate for healthy sexuality check out our friends at Love People, Not Pixels. We believe the City of Houston will be a City on a Hill, a beacon of light showing the world what it looks like for a community to walk in sexual wholeness. Are you part of that light?