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My First Year

Posted April 7th, 2020

March 12th, 2020 commemorated my first year at Rescue Houston. I am beyond amazed to see a full year with an organization that is continually evolving into new and deeper levels of service. From a staff of 6 to a staff of 14, one truth I consistently see is the genuine heart to serve each and every unique Survivor sent our way! 

I have seen the mighty hand of God make a way, when it seemed to be impossible. My faith in God has grown in new measures and I am forever grateful for the many opportunities He has allowed in my first year with Rescue Houston.

From diving into TBRI, (Trust Based Relational Intervention) Practitioner Training (by the skin of my teeth), which has equipped and empowered me to serve our Survivors with the lenses of trauma informed care and strategies to meet the need behind each behavior. I am simply amazed and marvel over how He orchestrated this all along. He truly is Jehovah Jireh, my Provider, the One who goes before me, before I even know I have a need. Miracle after miracle He makes a way. 

I am forever grateful for our intercessory teams who are readily available to pray with us for critical Survivor needs, whether it is from finding a rehab, a Survivor tempted to relapse, a Survivor going through unprecedented trials, He makes a way!

At the close of 2019, I was given a prophetic word and then I was asked what I wanted from the Lord. At that moment, that question was very profound, it was a King Solomon question. I responded to love like Jesus loves. After that, the Lord has given me a love for His people, especially for our Survivors. I love them and truly have their best interest in heart. I see how His perfect love through me is casting out all fear. He allows me to meet them where they are at and simply love. 

One particular new case for us at Rescue Houston, beautifully outlines how His love covered us in a new area of acceptance to serve our first Transgender, identifying as a woman. This precious soul searched high and low, called many organizations and finally found Rescue Houston’s RAEA Program. Once she entered into the program we detected great needs, one being the need to know Love. We have journeyed through very rough moments with this Survivor to the point where she admitted she needed help with recovery from alcoholism. From that point on as we waited patiently for a space in the rehab center she applied for, she has had one encounter after another building up her faith and relationship with God. I am praying for complete healing in which this person will know our Father and learn their true identity as God created this person to be. She has already accepted Christ into her heart and made Him Savior and Lord. She is walking each day in holy sexuality and I trust The Lord will work everything out in His time. It is a process and the more she knows HIM the more she will understand and know God’s perfect plan and intention for their life. 

I thank God for His grace and for his abundant love to allow me to serve this person, His dear child, with a sincere heart and I celebrate the victories we are seeing daily! We talk every single day and it is always a God moment, praising, worshipping, sharing prayer and scripture together. Miracle of all Miracles, after waiting for 3 weeks for a rehab to open and calling daily 3 times to the two rehabs, a door finally opened up for this precious soul! Acceptance to the rehab was granted and she will enter this Wednesday for her courageous new walk in sober healing. 

God is not finished! He will get the glory with a victorious outcome. I look forward to updating everyone in the near future, and I most definitely look forward to the continued work of The Lord at Rescue Houston!