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Jesus Rescues

Posted March 2nd, 2020

I often think about what Jesus would be doing or who Jesus would be spending his time with if He was here in 2020. Jesus was a radical man. He ate with sinners, healed sickness, and raised people from the dead. He turned over injustice, spoke truth, and brought peace to a chaotic and broken system. 

When I think about these things, I think about how different our world would look if more people were doing them. If people were eating with sinners, healing sickness, raising dead hearts to life. People who turned over injustice, spoke truth and brought peace to the chaotic and broken systems of our current culture. 

I have no doubt in my mind that Jesus would be spending his time with Survivors. He would touch their faces and call them beautiful, He would heal their brokenness, and He would empower them to do the same for others. 

I began working in the field of anti-trafficking 3 years ago when I was in graduate school for my Master’s in Social Work. I had the opportunity to intern with an amazing organization doing prevention and education. I was able to go to school and detention centers to teach their anti-trafficking curriculum. I knew then I wanted to be a part of the fight long term. 

My experience and belief that is that Jesus would be in the midst of the human trafficking fight and that is why I wanted to be a part of the RAEA program – to have a front row seat to all that Jesus is doing and will do. It isn’t easy, it’s not always pretty and it takes time. But He always shows up. Whether it is New Life in Jesus we are celebrating, freedom from a pimp, or freedom from a lie. He shows up and He heals. 

I love being a small part of empowering and encouraging Survivors in their own stories. I love what they teach me about resilience, faith, bravery, courage and love. It is an honor to walk with them. 

Jesus came to rescue the broken, the lost, and the lonely. He seeks justice, peace and righteousness. I think Jesus would be at Group Therapy with us cooking a meal, sharing in our hurt and the brokenness of our stories, and He would bring peace, justice and righteousness with him. He redeems and rescues each of us and then sends us on our way to do the same for others. 

I want to be like Jesus, I want to see injustice overturned, truth spoken, and peace brought to a chaotic and broken system. Jesus does that. Jesus rescues.