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It Takes a Village: Fighting Human Trafficking Together

Taylor W.

Posted November 27th, 2018


We are all familiar with the proverb, "It takes a village", right? If you are like me, you've heard it in the context of raising a child. Recently, Rescue Houston participated in an event where that proverb took on an entirely different meaning for me.

On Thursday, November 8, The Story Houston hosted Freedom's Fight, a night dedicated to raising awareness of Houston's human trafficking epidemic. Anti-slavery organizations from all across the city came out to share their insight and experiences in what they've seen and learned firsthand, and most importantly, what can be done to fight back. Those who shared their story were Elijah Rising, United Against Human Trafficking, The Landing, Free the Captives, Freedom Place and Sergeant John Wall-who oversees the Houston Police Department's Human Trafficking Unit. Sgt. Wall began the evening with a presentation detailing the realities of the sex trade in Houston. During his presentation, he shared that there are over 500 active establishments in Houston alone where the sex trade operates. The highest group trafficked persons were girls between 14-17 years old. I will never forget when he said that in all of his years of police work, he has never encountered a harsher reality than that of human trafficking.

After his presentation, the panel of organizations explained their angle in fighting trafficking and gave the audience the opportunity to ask questions.  It was incredible to see so many passionate advocates-skilled and committed in their strategy-combatting trafficking. We all attack a different side of battlefront, yet are fighting the same war.

All too often it's easy to feel the weight of what we are up against knowing there are 500 brothels operating in this city. It can be difficult not to lose perspective and to remember we aren't alone. How crucial it is to know we aren't in this alone. Rescue Houston isn't fighting alone. We have been blessed with fantastic partners, advocates, and supporters who each bring something to the cause. Looking at the alliance of partners, I was humbled to know that while none of us have the monopoly on the solution, we do have a village. A really big village. It's village of diverse people with multiple skill sets and specialized responses to meet the needs of those exploited. We are fighting on multiple fronts to bring the number of brothels in this city from 500 to 0.I hope you know you possess the ability to join the fight alongside us. You are a part of our village. Whatever experience or skills you have, there is an opportunity to serve. I encourage you to check out how to get involved with Rescue Houston by clicking here.  Whether praying, serving as a volunteer or donating, there is a need and place for you here with Rescue Houston.