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2018 Strategic Initiatives

The flow of our team at Rescue Houston has only increased in strength and speed since the beginning of 2018. We’ve adjusted quite well to our new corporate headquarters in Montrose and love hosting ministry and strategic partners, so let us know if you’d like to stop by!

Following our first ever Phone-A-Thon in January, and in lieu of our continued meetings with governmental and ministry partners, we’re deeply encouraged by how our 2018 strategic initiatives will literally change the “game” (a.k.a the sex trade) in Houston. As we continue to provide immediate response and rescue to those who call our 24/7 hotline, our team is tightening our service structure to best serve the thousands of victims in our city. To accommodate more victims and survivors, we’re diligently working to achieve the following in the coming year:

Increase RH Hotline Distribution Via Phone Banks

Rescue Houston phone banks are one of the most profound and effective anti-sex trafficking volunteer opportunities there is. Last year, 18% of our hotline calls were from church-hosted phone bank referrals, so we’re focusing our efforts to increase calls and texts to reach more online escorts than ever before. Help provide our hotline number and messages of hope to the women and men who post online ads for sex services every day. Join or start a RH phone bank!

Launch 30-Day Emergency Assessment Program

Abolitionists across the city agree, an assessment safe house is the greatest need in our anti-sex trafficking landscape. As the city’s only local hotline that provides immediate response and rescue to victims, Rescue Houston is primely positioned to begin the assessment and stabilization process prior to placement in a long-term independent living program or safe home. Help us increase the likelihood that survivors will exit the life for good! Invest in the RH emergency assessment program to streamline the exit process and provide more effective stabilization support to victims of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Help Enact HB 2552 and Similar Legislation

RH is working to help hospital ERs and abortion facilities fulfill House Bill 2552 with signage that displays our local hotline as well as the national hotline in every patient consult room and restroom. By Texas law, these 8 ½” x 11” signs must also state in English and Spanish, “It is illegal for a person to force an individual to engage in sexual acts.” and “No person, including an individual ’s parents, may force any individual to have an abortion.” Likewise, we’re thankful to learn of legislation just passed that also requires cosmetologists to post signage to help victims receiving services in their salons. Email to help a hospital, abortion clinic, or salon enact these important laws.

“I will rescue My flock, and they shall no longer be prey,” Ezekiel 34:22